Praise Page

Everyone Loves The New Book



Kanata, Ontario

"Great job, Lindsay! My nephews Cole & Rhys love your book! The boys had a blast as my eldest nephew Cole read to his younger brother Rhys!"
- Kane Jackson



Mississauga, Ontario

"Shoutout to Lindsay, my daughter always loves to read her book! I think she is amazed with the pictures and illustrations,"
- Francis Ong



Burlington, Ontario

“We loved reading the book! Reid kept on saying hockey, hockey, hockey. He was so excited by it all,”
- Lindsay Buchannan



Lachute, Quebec

“My daughter and I loved the story. As a mom, it was touching to see my daughter empathize with Clementine. As a teacher, I will use it in my classroom for responses,”

- Deb Moram



Ottawa, Ontario

“Illa went to her book box this evening and picked out the book from it. She always says that she is Clementine. LOL. So precious,”

- Shelly Firth