New Kids Book Hits Nation-Wide Summer 2017

The Ultimate Kids Book With Massive National Appeal, Heartfelt Story And Bittersweet Backstory Hits Homes And Schools This Summer

RBGTR Front Cover.png

Written by Lindsay J.L Angus and illustrated by Amy Lloyd, Right Beside Grandma's Tootsie Rolls (RBGTR) is slated to become the next best seller and must-have read this year.  The new children’s book classic is all about childhood dreams, hockey culture and what it means to be siblings.

Based on Lindsay's family growing-up, the Angus’ spent evenings and weekends at rinks across the city. Patty was the #1 hockey mom, Craig was the coach, Ryan was the star player and Lindsay was that tag-a-long younger sibling.

After being immersed in the hockey community for years, the Angus' befriended the Stanton’s and the two became fast friends. It wasn’t until a few years later when things changed and their golden era came to an end.

The book captures that magical period in their lives when dreams were big and innocence was cherished – a passage of life kids everywhere can relate to. The story teaches children to do the right thing, even when it’s tough, and to enjoy your time together as siblings, especially while you’re young.

"I wanted this book to embody all those fun and beautiful things that I loved about growing up," said Angus. "I hope everyone everywhere loves it as much as I do."

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Book Synopsis:
Meet Clementine.  Like most kids, she wants to play with her big brother.  But he’s too busy playing hockey and being hockey obsessed with his best friend Johnny.  So with the help of a new friend, Clementine finds a way to turn the tables on them, and finally gets to pick the game they're playing.

About Lindsay:
Lindsay wrote RBGTR during streetcar rides across the city – to and from work.  After spending years in the arts, she was about to throw in the towel.  But, the drive to create never left – and the book was written for her brother and Johnny. Without the help of a major publisher, Lindsay formed The Angus Library – and is now working on a novel and second children’s book with Amy. To read her full bio, visit:  

About Amy:
After finishing a degree in fine arts, Amy came to the big city to pursue illustration.  It didn’t take long for her to be noticed.  Lindsay placed an ad on Craigslist and, out of over 500 applicants, Amy was chosen.  Despite a few life distractions (like getting married and moving across the country and back), Amy delivered a masterpiece – and is currently working on her next one.  To learn more about Amy, visit: